Like real estate itself, real estate transactions come in all shape and sizes. Jackson Law Group’s diverse real estate practice covers them all, from selling a residential home to enforcing a commercial lease agreement. Our real estate attorneys represent buyers, sellers, and landlords with respect to all real estate matters, including:



Many states require that a closing be handled by an attorney. In Florida, this is not the case. However, while you are not required to use an attorney for your closing in Florida, it is to your advantage for multiple reasons.

Engaging a real estate attorney to act as your Closing Agent ensures a thorough analysis of all the components of your transaction – and identifying any that may be missing. Issuing title insurance is an important step in closing your transaction, but it may not be the only step. A real estate attorney provides you with a comprehensive, full-service engagement covering both the basics of title closings as well as any intricacies that threaten a smooth closing. From Contract to Closing and everything in between, Jackson Law Group has you covered.

In using a real estate attorney, you receive the added expertise of an attorney without the added expense. The cost of title insurance is set by Florida Statute, but that doesn’t mean all title closing experiences deliver the same value. You will have peace of mind in knowing your title insurance was carefully reviewed and issued by an attorney.

Contact us for a comprehensive, cost-effective title closing experience that will provide you with peace of mind for years to come.