November, 2019

Inspections of Condo and HOA Official Records

November 15th, 2019

Posted in Condominium & Homeowner Association Law

Condominium and homeowner’s associations are required to maintain the official records* of the association within the state for at least 7 years and make them available to the owners or their authorized representative for inspection within 45 miles of the community or within the same county.  For condominiums, Florida Statute § 718.111(12)(c) requires that the association provide access to the records within 10 business days of receiving a written request.  Failing to provide the records within the 10-day period creates a rebuttable presumption that the association willfully failed to provide the records and the requesting owner becomes entitled to damages in the minimum amount of $50.00 per day beginning on the 11th business day after the request. 

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IRS Audit Rate Has Dropped Steeply Since 2010

November 8th, 2019

Posted in IRS & Tax Information

Are you concerned about being audited by the IRS? An IRS audit takes place when the Internal Revenue Service chooses to review a taxpayer’s accounts to verify that tax laws are being followed. As a preliminary caution, beware of phone scams as the IRS will always initiate a tax audit by mail. The IRS will not call to demand immediate payment or ask for a debit or credit card number over the phone, nor will they threaten to bring in local law enforcement to arrest people. Threats like these are common tactics scam artists use to trick victims.

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